August 22nd – Simone Football Tournament and Pleasant Valley Flag Football Tournament

Simone Award

August 22nd is a big day for all of our football players. We will start the season off with tournaments for each of our teams.

Tackle will be participating in the 33rd Annual Tommy Simone Tournament. It is being held at Oak Park High School, located at

825 NE 79th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64118.

3 & 4 grade first game is at 8:05 am, Coach Jim would like you to have your player at the field at 7:00 am.

5 & 6 grade will play their first game at 8:05 am as well. Coach Richard would like all players to be there by 7:15, no later. He will be on the south end of the turf field by a stand of trees, please find him there.

7 & 8 grade will play first game 1:00 pm. Coaches would like all players to arrive at 12:00.


This year will mark the 1st Pleasant Valley Flag tournament held at our field.

The blue flag team will play their first game at 4:30. Coach Phil would like all players to arrive at 3:30.

Red flag team will play first game at 4:55. Please have those players at the filed by 4:15.


Let’s remember that our players will need to drink plenty of water and please be sure to bring healthy snacks for your player. Examples include fruit and veggies, crackers, but please no sugary items or pop for the boys.


Thank you,
PV Giant Staff