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Week 1 – First Practice Monday August 1st

The season is here, let’s get off to a great start!

New parents, players and cheerleaders GET DIRECTIONS… Pleasant Valley field.

What you will need for the first practice:
  • White shirt with players name and grade on the front and back (sharpie marker is fine).
  • Large water jug, half-gallon size or larger (a clean gallon “milk” jug will work too).
  • Football cleats (Recommended as soon as possible)
  • Signed medical waiver
  • Any emergency medicines, inhalers, etc.
Items needed by the end of the first week or first day of the second week of practice:
  • Mouthpiece that will attach to face-mask, and not easy to remove (the flat type with a knob are recommended over the cable type). Please follow directions to mold the mouthpiece (avoid clear or white, referees must be able to see mouthpiece). Buy several now, and follow the instructions to mold to fit, put one on the helmet and one in a plastic bag for every vehicle you may drive this season.
  • Supporter and protective cup (please make sure the fit is correct before practice to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Have them run, squat, stretch, crawl, and dance around to make sure the fit is appropriate).
All other equipment will be distributed after the first week, and game uniforms before the first game.
Be sure to to hydrate by drinking 16-24 ounces of water during the day prior to practice. No heavy meals before practice, only light snacks. Eliminate the sugar and syrupy sodas and replace with water. Find out more about heat safety here.
Becoming a football player may be the most physical and mentally challenging task your young person has ever wanted to take on.  Along with your continued encouragement, please ensure your players success by providing the mentioned essentials, and make sure they arrive on-time and prepared with their needed equipment for practice and games.
Other Reminders:
  • Parents, please stay at the field in the event of inclement weather or injury.
  • Only coaches and staff are allowed on the fields and sidelines. There are great places to watch from a distance, bring a folding chair.
  • Volunteer! There will be many opportunities to pitch-in around the field and concession stand, get on the list early, make it a great season!

Online registration is available at If you chose to pay offline during the online registration you may pay during the registration weekend, this fee will be deducted from your balance total. If you are unable to register online, come to the field and talk to a staff member at the concession trailer.

End of Regular Season and Playoff Notes

Several reminders and notes for the end of Regular season. Be aware that the PV Giants tackle teams will be advancing to divisional playoffs next week, including practice days. More information to come on schedules and game fields.

October 24th, we are playing at the Pioneer’s game field (different location from the last 2 years).
Directions to Leavenworth – Abel’s Field (4th and Poplar)

Take MO-152 W.
Continue onto Route N.
Continue onto State Hwy N.
Turn left onto NW Jones-Meyer Rd.
Turn Right onto MO-45 N.
Turn left onto MO-45 Spur
Slight left onto MO-92 W (Entering Kansas)
Continue onto KS-92 W/Metropolitan Ave
Turn left onto N 4th St (right after you cross the bridge).
Drive about 1 1/2 to 2 miles south till you see the arch and the field on the left at 4th and Poplar).

End of Season Banquet – The season’s end is nearing. Details are to come in regards to the end of season banquet. We are taking donations for coaches gifts to show our appreciation for the time and knowledge that our coaches have passed onto all of our players. If you would like to donate something for this, please bring to the concession stand during practice or on game days see Debbie or Jennifer.

Post-Season – Each of the tackle teams and the comp flag level will advance into either the upper or lower division play-offs. These games will be held the week of the 26th. Details will be finalized after regular season games have finished.

Volunteers for Concession Stand – We will need volunteers to help run our concession stand during the post-season play. If you are willing to help we would absolutely love it!

End of Season Flag Tournament – Our Instructional Flag team will have the opportunity to finish the season off with winning the trophy at the End of Season tournament. More information to come.

Mattress Raffle – Time is running out! – We are still selling tickets for the mattress raffle. $2.00 gets you a ticket, $5.00 gets you 3, and $10.00 gets you 6 raffle tickets. You do not have to be present to win this mattress from Burlington Mattress. We will draw the winner during the post-season week which is the week of October 26th. If you would like your chance to win a new mattress from Burlington Mattress, visit our concession stand during practice.

Pictures – If you have not picked your pictures up yet, they are available at the concession stand.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you,

PV Giants Staff

2015 PV Giants Game Schedule

Arrive ready to warm-up:

  • 1 hour before home games scheduled game start time.
  • 1 hour and 15 minutes before away games scheduled game start time.

2015 PV Giants Schedule

If there are ever weather delays for the start time of games, a notification will be issued on Facebook and/or Twitter, otherwise please arrive one hour before the scheduled start.

Week 4 football – Weigh-in’s Wednesday – Practice to follow – 1st Game Saturday!

Tuesday night teams will begin receiving their game uniforms, to continue through Thursday night if needed.

Wednesday – Weigh-ins for all tackle teams and players (including injured players who plan to play before the end of the season). Arrive at Pleasant Valley Fire Station by 5:45pm, head to the east side doors. Shorts and t-shirts (leave helmet and shoulder-pads in the car). Players may need to be prepared to remove cleats for ball-carriers near the weight limit. Parking is limited but available at the community center or the school parking lots. Following the weigh-in the players will report to PV Park, for a practice in helmets and shoulder-pads.

  • Fire Station address is: 6801 Sobbie Rd, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068

Thursday night – Practice will end earlier to allow for a short pep-rally to prepare our teams for their first game at North Kansas City.

Saturday August 29th, Game Schedule:

  • No flag games this Saturday.
  • 4th grade game will begin at 10:30 am. Please have players arrive at 9:30.
  • 7 & 8 grade plays next at 12:00 pm. Please have your players arrive by 11:00 am.
  • 5 & 6 grade plays at 2:00 pm. Please have those players at the field by 1:00 pm.

Times and other preparations will be issued by team coaches at practice. A rule of thumb is to arrive ready to warm-up 1 hour before the scheduled game start time. If there are ever weather delays for the start time of games, a notification will be issued on Facebook and/or Twitter, otherwise please arrive one hour before the scheduled start.

A regular season schedule will be issued soon to each player, and available on the league and team sites.

Simone Award

August 22nd – Simone Football Tournament and Pleasant Valley Flag Football Tournament

August 22nd is a big day for all of our football players. We will start the season off with tournaments for each of our teams.

Tackle will be participating in the 33rd Annual Tommy Simone Tournament. It is being held at Oak Park High School, located at

825 NE 79th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64118.

3 & 4 grade first game is at 8:05 am, Coach Jim would like you to have your player at the field at 7:00 am.

5 & 6 grade will play their first game at 8:05 am as well. Coach Richard would like all players to be there by 7:15, no later. He will be on the south end of the turf field by a stand of trees, please find him there.

7 & 8 grade will play first game 1:00 pm. Coaches would like all players to arrive at 12:00.


This year will mark the 1st Pleasant Valley Flag tournament held at our field.

The blue flag team will play their first game at 4:30. Coach Phil would like all players to arrive at 3:30.

Red flag team will play first game at 4:55. Please have those players at the filed by 4:15.


Let’s remember that our players will need to drink plenty of water and please be sure to bring healthy snacks for your player. Examples include fruit and veggies, crackers, but please no sugary items or pop for the boys.


Thank you,
PV Giant Staff

For more about the Pleasant Valley Giants youth flag and tackle football, and our outstanding cheerleading program

Week 3 – Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

Another reminder of upcoming events for our team and the league.

The following paperwork needs to be turned into your team mom by August 18th:
~Birth Certificate (if you played last year, please verify that we still have a copy).
~Age/Grade Verification (needs signed by school representative)

These forms are due to the league shortly after that. If it is not turned in, your player will not be allowed to play until all forms are completed.

August 20th – Fundraisers are due. Please turn in your trash bag orders/ticket numbers on this date along with the $$ for each. Please keep in mind that you need to profit $100.00 in trash bags sales. To reach your $100 dollar obligation, that is a sale of 34 rolls of bags. Trash bags should be available for pick-up in a couple of weeks.

August 20th – All fees must be paid. If you have not paid already, please be sure to get this done. Tackle is $255.00, Cheer $255.00 and flag is $125. Fundraising profit/buyout is $100.00.

August 22nd – Simone Tournament (@ Oak Park High School) for tackle players and Pleasant Valley Flag Tournament (our home field) for flag players. This is a pre-season tournament to help get our players acclimated to playing football and geared up for the coming season. Schedules for both are online at, home page underneath upcoming events. Team moms will also have information on when to arrive for the games.

August 29th – Tentative first scheduled games. A final schedule will be available at weigh-ins (more information to come).

On a side note, please do not park by the trailers or in front of the dumpsters at any time, practice or games. This space needs to be clear for any emergency that may arise.

Please let us know if you have any questions at anytime.

PV Giants Staff