Be sure to wear your Blue and cheer on your PV Giants as we start a run of home games at Pleasant Valley Park.

A few tips to make our home games a great experience for our players and fans:

  1. Arrive early – Players need to be at the field and ready to warm up 1 hour before the game.
  2. Parking – Due to the wet weather coaches and officials will not be allowed to park on the west side of the field. The parking immediately to the right of the entrance will be roped-off for head coaches, officials, organization staff and handicapped parking only.
  3. Arrive early for your game day duties; concession stand, chain gang, etc.
  4. The smoking area is on the north side of the concession stand.
  5. Please place trash in trash cans located around the bleachers.
  6. Be polite to all fans, including the opposing team. Let’s stay classy Giants.
  7. Please keep children off of the sideline ropes.
  8. Cheer loud and encourage all the cheerleaders, players and coaches!

Thank you for your support and enjoy your home game!