Registration and First Practice Monday July 28th

For more about the Pleasant Valley Giants youth flag and tackle football, and our outstanding cheerleading program

The season is here, lets get off to a great start!

Registration / Signups are Saturday July 26th and Sunday the 27th from 12pm – 3pm at Pleasant Valley field. Online registration is available at If you chose to pay offline during the online registration you may pay during the registration weekend, this fee will be deducted from your balance total. If you are unable to register online, this weekend is your opportunity to register, see the PV Giants home field, and talk to a coach.
What you will need for the first practice:
  • White shirt with players name and grade on the front and back (sharpie marker is fine).
  • Large insulated water jug, half-gallon size or larger (a clean gallon milk jug with water will work too).
  • Football cleats (Recommended as soon as possible)
  • Signed medical waiver
  • Any emergency medicines, inhalers, etc.
Items needed by the end of the first week or first day of second week of practice:
  • Mouthpiece that will attach to face-mask. Please follow directions to mold the mouthpiece (avoid clear or white, referees must be able to see mouthpiece).
  • Supporter and protective cup (please make sure the fit is correct before practice to avoid unnecessary discomfort).
All other equipment will be distributed after the first week, and game uniforms before the first game.
Be sure to to hydrate by drinking 16-24 ounces of water during the day prior to practice. Find out more about heat safety here.