The Giants organization strives to provide boys and girls a positive environment for athletics and the life lessons that team competition provides. The experience of competition carries over into academics success and greater confidence. Through the Giant’s programs participants will experience and discover in themselves the following characteristics that will stick with them for a lifetime; determination, teamwork, friendship, discipline, respect, encouragement, will-power, physical fitness, coordination, strength, strategy, cooperation, leadership and much more.

Your sponsorship helps in many ways to provide a great experience for each player, season after season.

The following essentials can be a huge cost to the organization.

  • The cost of protective equipment for each player can cost up to $600.
  • Practice equipment; footballs, blocking sleds, tackling pads/mats.
  • Equipment storage and security, year-round.
  • The care of the fields; seed, weed, fertilize, water, irrigation & mowing.
  • Electric; scoreboard, field lighting, sound/PA.
  • Field striping and paint.
  • Field game marking equipment must also be replaced from time-to-time.

The organization makes efforts to offset these costs by:

  • Player fees (additional to league fees)
  • Player fundraising opportunities
  • Concessions during home games (volunteer operated)
  • Team spirit wear
  • Gifts by alumni families
  • Gifts by business or corporations

Contribute to the Giant’s success Today, and for seasons to come.

Contact our sponsorship leader to find out how your business or corporation can support the team through our sponsorship packages.

If you would like to volunteer time, equipment, or goods related to any of the above needs, please contact our sponsorship leader.

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The Giants Football Organization is recognized by the state of Missouri, under the NSYFL, as a non-for-profit, and your gift may be eligible as a deduction for your personal or corporate tax filings, consult your tax adviser.