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PV GIANTS – Off-Season Notes

A few off-season notes!

Thanks to all the parents & family, players, cheerleaders, coaches and dedicated volunteers that poured countless hours into last season! We appreciate each one of you and all the things you do for the kids and the sport of football. We have always called the Giants a family, and we thank you.

Now, the off-season… 

  • The most important thing, work hard in school. Always do your best in your school work just like you do on the football field. Show excellent character and leadership, be nice to your teachers and classmates.
  • Stay active, play an organized sport, or get outside and play with friends. It will make you ready for the start of football season.
  • Football and Cheer camps, they usually pop up starting just as the school year ends, but also throughout the summer. Check the league site for sponsored camps.
  • Watch our for updates for our off-season fundraisers. Our Golf Tournament needs volunteers to plan and execute, and golfers too! If you know a golfer encourage them to help the team and join the tournament.

Be safe and we will see you soon!


youth football camps


2014 local area high school and college sponsored football camps for youth football players in Kansas City.