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PV Giants FIRST GAME – Saturday August 23rd

Saturday, August 23rd

Tackle players should arrive 1 hour prior to game time.

10:00 am – 3 / 4 @ Leavenworth Pioneers – completed as scheduled.
12:00 pm – 5 / 6 @ Leavenworth Pioneers – Rescheduled to – Wednesday Aug. 27th at 6:15 @ Leavenworth.
2:00 pm – Developmental flag @ Leavenworth
Pioneers – Rescheduled. To be played on Mon. 25th in Leavenworth. 7:00 pm – please arrive before 6:15 pm.
Directions to Pioneers field

2:00 pm – 7 / 8 @ Necco Raiders  RESCHEDULED TO – Tuesday Aug. 26th at 6:15 pm.
Map to Raiders home field


Reminder: Weigh-ins this Wednesday – information on time and location to come at practice this week.

  • Parents will be responsible for transportation to and from weigh-ins.
  • Practice will continue after weigh-ins.
  • Teams will meet at the determined time and weigh-in as a team.

The official schedule is under last minute revisions. The schedule will be released as soon as it is available from the league.

Weekend Away Games – Oct 12th

Correction to the earlier email October 9th. Due to an error on our automated email sending system, the email for last Friday October 4th was just released today. The email said this week is our bye week, which is incorrect, as the bye week was last week. Sorry for any confusion.

This weekend we will be playing AWAY games at Smithville Lake Dam Park.

  • Normal start times, please have your players there a minimum of one hour before game start time.
  • Parking spaces will be limited. Do not block any of the yellow emergency gates, or attempt to park in the RV park.
  • The visitors seating is located in the morning shade, and could be quite cool.


Located at the base of the dam (near):
1601 County Road Dd
Smithville, MO 64089

MAP: http://goo.gl/maps/httOF