Week 1 – First Practice Monday August 1st

The season is here, let’s get off to a great start!

New parents, players and cheerleaders GET DIRECTIONS… Pleasant Valley field.

What you will need for the first practice:
  • White shirt with players name and grade on the front and back (sharpie marker is fine).
  • Large water jug, half-gallon size or larger (a clean gallon “milk” jug will work too).
  • Football cleats (Recommended as soon as possible)
  • Signed medical waiver
  • Any emergency medicines, inhalers, etc.
Items needed by the end of the first week or first day of the second week of practice:
  • Mouthpiece that will attach to face-mask, and not easy to remove (the flat type with a knob are recommended over the cable type). Please follow directions to mold the mouthpiece (avoid clear or white, referees must be able to see mouthpiece). Buy several now, and follow the instructions to mold to fit, put one on the helmet and one in a plastic bag for every vehicle you may drive this season.
  • Supporter and protective cup (please make sure the fit is correct before practice to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Have them run, squat, stretch, crawl, and dance around to make sure the fit is appropriate).
All other equipment will be distributed after the first week, and game uniforms before the first game.
Be sure to to hydrate by drinking 16-24 ounces of water during the day prior to practice. No heavy meals before practice, only light snacks. Eliminate the sugar and syrupy sodas and replace with water. Find out more about heat safety here. http://usafootball.com/health-safety/heat-preparedness
Becoming a football player may be the most physical and mentally challenging task your young person has ever wanted to take on.  Along with your continued encouragement, please ensure your players success by providing the mentioned essentials, and make sure they arrive on-time and prepared with their needed equipment for practice and games.
Other Reminders:
  • Parents, please stay at the field in the event of inclement weather or injury.
  • Only coaches and staff are allowed on the fields and sidelines. There are great places to watch from a distance, bring a folding chair.
  • Volunteer! There will be many opportunities to pitch-in around the field and concession stand, get on the list early, make it a great season!

Online registration is available at
http://nsyfl.com. If you chose to pay offline during the online registration you may pay during the registration weekend, this fee will be deducted from your balance total. If you are unable to register online, come to the field and talk to a staff member at the concession trailer.